FREE WEIGHT LOSS PLAN. I am ready to save America Trillions of dollars in Health care cost from over weight and the associated problems. By Losing weight safely.

I will teach you step my step how I LOSE WEIGHT FAST using FASTING! Yes Fasting: That is where you JUST DO NOT EAT. You may be over weight or just want to be one size smaller. The problem is not you. The problem is, the food we eat is low in nutritional value. So, we eat more than our bodies needs or We just eat too much calories. The excess food is stored as fat in our bodies. I will teach you how to use that stored fat. By using your fat cells, you will lose weight fast. Once you have reached you goal. Intermittent fasting & A Low-carbohydrate diets is an excellent way to maintain it.1 Weight at 161 lbs Loss 15 lbs

My reference and most influential person for leaning the medical / physiological effect and benefits of Fasting & Intermittent Fasting is Dr Jason Fung.

How to Maximize Fat Burning Dr Jason Fung Part II

I did 11 days FASTING and ended with enough time to enjoy Christmas with my family. I needed 4 days to prepare my body for normal meals on December 24, 2017. My weight went from 176 lbs to 159 lbs. this is a total weight loss of 17 lbs in 11 days.

During my fasting. I tried days with 256 ounces of water approximately 2 gallons, also days with 160 ounces of water as well as days with 40 ounces of water. I know the difference and I will save you time by teaching you the shortcuts. I did the experiment on MY SELF so it will be easier for you to lose weight fast safely. The information I provide is My first hand account and experience. NOT Theoretical information.

Fasting will be the vehicle we use to get to your goal and Intermittent fasting, will guarantee that you keep the weight off for the rest of your life. I will let you know what to expect and how to avoid the pit falls. This is a Free weight loss plan. it will cost you nothing. If fact it will save you the cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner for as long as you fast. You can fast as long as there is fat on your body. (It will be more safer to go a few days at a time. Starting with short to long duration fasting) 


JUST DO NOT EAT : Yes it is simple as do not eat. your body will take over in 24 hours all by it self. Your body will feed and provide all the nourishment you need. The first 36 hours will be the hardest since most people eat every few hours. Try drinking water instead of eating for the first 36 hours and you will experience a miracle in your life.  You will have a few responsibilities during the process. So, Please pay attention to this list.

  1. Drink lots of water each day. Keep your body hydrated.
  2. Do your normal daily routine. Work, Play (Play harder for faster results)
  3. I will advise you to exercise more during this time (This is Optional)
  4. Put salt in your water each day one or two times.   (Your Body Needs salt)
  5. Take a mineral bath every 2 days using Epsom Salt. (Your Body Needs Minerals)
  6.  THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. Prepare your mind to be BLOWN

IT IS THAT SIMPLE!. I could end this article now. But, I know there are still some skeptics and some of you need a more detailed road map to make it easier to start your weight loss program.  I also know that some of you need to know how to avoid hunger. Believe me, you will be feed each and every day by your own body. A headache during fasting could be a sign of low salt in take or low minerals.  Your body must have salt. DO NOT FORGET TO USE SALT. This is very critical. When ever you feel hunger just drink some water. Your body will supply the food. You may be accustomed to eating all your meal at a special time that is why you feel hunger at approximately that times. Your body will supply the fuel. Your body knows the most effective way


INTERMITTENT FASTING is the tool to teach your body what to expect during the process.  When ever you have a lab test the doctor or lab will tell you not to eat any thing after mid might or they may say do not eat any thing on the day of your test or procedure.  I am sure you have experience this. This is the same principle. You need to pick an eight hour period each day to eat and stick to it until it become your routine.

Example : Eating all your meals between 11:00 AM and 7 PM this is my favorite time. You can adjust it to suit your life style. If you have a job where you must eat at a special time you can make your 8 hours of eating include’s that time. However, you must not eat before or after your selected time. You can drink water or hot beverage with NO SUGAR if you feel hungry. (Time can be varied to suit your needs)

Do not put any thing, liquids or solids in your body before or after your selected 8 hour  time period “Only Water”. Especially NO sugar or calories.  You can drink all the water you want or Hot beverage containing NO SUGAR, Yes NO SUGAR.

Your body already has enough sugar stored to last 24 hours. You will be fasting for 16 hours.  During this 16 hours of fasting. I want you to do some kind of exercise suitable to your age and physical abilities remember to drink lots of water and carry water with you always. The goal is to burn up some of the 8 hr supply of stored sugar before your fasting period ends. Once your body uses all the stored sugar during your 16 hour fasting period it will start burning fat for energy. Your will gradually start feeling better and seeing a reduction in your weight.

1 Breaking your fast

BREAKING YOUR FAST : How you end you fast is very critical. Your body has not had food in your stomach for a long time. Your stomach needs to relearn what it feels like to have, Bland, Mild or spicy foods. You will need to take baby steps when Breaking your fast. Your stomach will have shrunk. The longer the fast the more it will shrink. You will need to get accustom to smaller portions to avoid discomfort.

The first day of Breaking your Fast

  1. Your first drink : Hot water with lemon or lime, 2 table spoon Apple cider vinegar, a pinch of salt and a little cinnamon to taste (Wait 2 to 3 hours then go to step 2)
  2.  Your first solid food. Eat 1/2 to 1 apple peal and sliced. (Wait 2 to 3 hours then)
  3. Bone Broth – I use Fish Broth instead. I love fish
  4.  Your Body needs healthy oils. A great example is MCT Oil. (1 table spoon w/ meals) 1 Mct Oil
  5. Once You are back to eating normally you should include a variety of vegetable in you diet. A low carbohydrate diet will be best to protect your health.

1 Sample of Large breakfast

  1. Sample of a large Breakfast – Spinach, Eggs, Tomato

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope my experience will help and motivate you to get to the weight you desire. Only you can determine what weight you are happy with. Your goal should be to stay free of health issues cased by being over weight. I am a realtor in Miami Florida. If you or someone you know need help buying selling or renting a home in Miami Florida I will be more that happy to help. Tel them to visit .

Merry Christmas and a home you have a prosperous 2018..

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