Real Estate Tips for finding a realtor – From Realtor – Joseph G Edwards


Real Estate Tips for finding a realtor by Joseph G Edwards. Kendall Fl Realtor

Always have an experienced Realtor represent you. Everyone needs a home. When it’s time to find your next home, you need a professional who will point out the potential issue that could become a problem or recommend an expert or company to resolve any issue.

Real Estate Tips for finding a Realtor: Avoid the marketing companies that pay to be in the top spots.

A simple Google search or any search engine will show multiple advertisements. These advertisements are designed to redirect you to a middleman or marketing companies. An advertisement is very expensive. Who pays for these advertisements? You eventually pay. Sometimes directly at closing other time indirectly with the service you receive. These companies are there to make money for referring you to realtors. These company will refer you to any realtor that pays for their service not necessary to the best, the most experienced or local realtor in your area.

Do your own search for a realtor. Deal directly, read past customer reviews, visit each realtor’s website it will show how long they have been in this business and the areas they serve.

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Real Estate Tips when selling your home: When is the best time to start the process?

Start gathering the facts. Three months before you are ready to sell your home. Get a Free Home Value Report with no obligation. Also, request a weekly update of sales in your area. Get educated on the market. Your home is usually one of your largest investment. Get the most out of your home when it is time to sell. The highest sales in your area are your best guide to getting the most for your home. Find an estimate of what your home is worth before talking to a realtor.

Pricing Your home: Some realtors will list your home for any price even twice the value. Having a listing is always advantageous. Overprice listing will generate leads for the listing agent and be bad for the seller. Before pricing your home, always review all sales in your community and your zip code.

Why Correct Pricing matters: Most buyers will get financing So your home will need an appraisal. If your home is priced twenty percent above the best sale in the last 6 to 12 months it is very unlikely that the home will appraise.  Keep in mind that appraisers & mortgage companies put more relevance & value on a home that was sold in the last 3 months. These are the best comparable sales.

Avoid overpricing your home this will lead to your home sitting on the market for a long time with no offers. Buyers believe that homes with a long market time are overpriced, in bad condition or there are problems with the home.

Does your realtor use creative real estate marketing ideas to sell your home? We use the latest marketing techniques coupled with the tried and proven sales techniques used for over one hundred years to sell your home. We keep you informed of recent sale that is likely to affect the final sales price of your home.


Real Estate Tips when buying a home: Work with a professional realtor who is a member of your local association of realtors. Every licensed realtor will have access to all available homes, and all requirements for getting your offer accepted. The realtor you chose should provide you with a customized search of all possible homes with the price range and features important to you & your need. Once you have reviews the listings always provide some feedback. A professional realtor will make the adjustment to your search based on your feedback. Realtors only get paid when you close. So, there is an incentive to find you the perfect home as soon as possible.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Viewing the most expensive home online is OK when searching for a home to buy. Never visit homes priced significantly above your price range. Falling in love a home over your price range will make it difficult to find a suitable home.


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